Jamie Moyer on Life Support: The Rabbit's Foot and The Broken Mirror

The Phillies have remained dominant atop the NL East, and part of that has been due to their starting pitcher Jamie Moyer who is boasting a 3-1 record and has gone six innings or more in all of his starts. How and why has Moyer been so effective? Well, if you asked his manager, Charlie Manuel, he might feed you some line about how Moyer keeps the team in close games while chomping on the end of his fat managerial cigar. But no, that’s not quite accurate. Moyer has a buldging 4.86 ERA and is certainly no stranger to giving up hits or runs. So how does he snag his wins? Well, luck mostly. Moyer has been the recepient of amazing run support from his team, which scores an average of 6.9 runs per game when he is on the mound.

This is in stark contrast to the man who will pitch opposite him tonight. The Cubs’ Tom Gorzelanny has had a strong season by just about any measure so far. Until his last start he has touting a 2.83 ERA. After a bad start against the Pirates, that number jumped up to 3.60, but that’s still incredibly respectful and much stronger than Moyer’s 4.86. Yet somehow Gorzelanny has a 1-4 record. And why is that? Well, in short, bad luck. His team has only provided him with a measley 3.6 runs per game, which really isn’t a whole lot of help.

And so the stage is set for tonight, a game that will be a duel of luck, not so much of skill. Will Gorzelanny be able to turn his bad luck around, and will Moyer be able to hold on to his good luck? Word is that the Cubs’ scouts have been scouring Citizens Bank Park looking for Moyer’s alleged stash of personal leprechuans. When in doubt, I would personally check the secret lab behind Ryan Howard’s locker.

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