Marcus Thames: Going From Zack Morris Cool to Samuel Power in 24 Hours

Zack Morris was cool. Know how? His Wikipedia’s “Love-Life” section is divided and sub-divided. There is Junior High, High-School, and College, with High School being further delineated by “long-term relationships,” “short-term relationships,” and “crushes.” The “short-term relationships” has sixteen girls listed; my favorite being Nicki Kapowski — Kelly’s younger sister — because she was a straight ten.

Samuel Powers was not cool. Know how? He was better known as Screech.

Marcus Thames went from the former to the latter in the span of 24 hours. On Monday he took a pie to the face — the obvious and intuitive celebration for a game-winning homer. On Tuesday he could be seen head-in-hands watching the final few outs as the Red Sox stole a game from the Yankees due to Thames’ misplay in right-field. He dropped the ball. Literally.

So if we learned anything from this little case study it is this: Big Cell Phones are to Game Winning Home Runs as Robot Pals named Kevin are to Game Losing Errors.

One Response to “Marcus Thames: Going From Zack Morris Cool to Samuel Power in 24 Hours”
  1. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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