Red Sox & AL Baseball Review: The Tools of Ignorance Returns

Sorry folks, I’ve been sound asleep in the clubhouse with Junior so far this season. But 33 problems is back… if you’ll have me. The real reason I’ve been MIA is every time I would start to write about my beloved Red Sox I ended up smashing my keyboard or trying to light some part of my house on fire. Things have not gone well for the Nation. I’m writing this on Saturday morning the night after the Sox won in Detroit 7-2 powered by David Ortiz’s two monster home runs. And aside from the Bruins pulling a yankees last night (and by that of course I mean going up 3 games in a 7 game series then losing the next 4) the Celtics knocking LeBron to New York or Chicago and the Red Sox starting to their collective shit together have allowed me to return from my accidental exile and bring you The Tools of Ignorance.

Around the NL, quickly as this is not technically my beat:
– The Dodgers are not as bad as their record (18-17) suggests. Expect them to get rolling in the coming weeks.
– The Padre’s might just be good enough to not move Bell or Gonzalez, but certainly not good enough to be a real playoff threat. GM Jed is in a tight spot where taking one step backwards might bring them two steps ahead, something the good people of San Diego might not like to hear.
– Unless the Reds are for real, which seems doubtful, the NL Central might be the biggest non race in the bigs. If the Cards stay healthy its theirs.
– Remember what I said about the Nationals back in the spring? I do. They’re not a bad ball club this year and outside the Phillies that is a weak division where they can make some noise. Expect a big NL wild card race where they’re in the pack but eventually fade.

The AL
– The Yankee’s off season moves are not panning out well. Austin Jackson, who was the center piece for the Granderson deal is absolutely racking in Detroit and playing a nice center field to boot. Plus he’s PLAYING, something Granderson cannot claim. Nick “The Ming Vase” Johnson is also not working out so far dealing with injuries and a lack of power. We are not terribly surprised. Javy V has been spotty but showed some life his last start. What the Yankees need from him is innings. If he can get 30 decisions even if his record is around .500 that should be counted as a success. What is working out in the Bronx is 2009’s off season moves. Proving again that the yanks have more money than brains. Phil Hughes scares the crap out of me. The kid is good, if he can make it through the season healthy the yankees really have something special.
– If the Ray’s weren’t in the AL East and did not have a ridiculous uniform, name, stadium, fans, town, etc. I would have such a crush on them. Their game are exciting, Upton and Crawford are fun to watch Evan Longoria has MVP’s in his future and is signed to the most team friendly contract in the Free Agency era, but what makes them so worth watching is they all know this is their last shot together. Crawford and Pena will not both be back, and that’s a very different team without those two.
– I probably don’t need to tell you this but its going to be Detroit and Minnesota all year long. The rest of that division is pitiful.
– Are you happy the Angels are bad? I am. I think all the late nights have helped Ron Washington.
– The Red Sox are starting, what every one of their beat reporters has claimed to be, a very important couple of series. DET, NYY, MIN, PHL, TB. If they can show something in the next week or two it will be huge.

I’ll be back with a Red Sox specific piece before the Yankee series. Till then, its good to be back and I’ll never stay away this long again.

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