Niese Hamstrung, Perez Penned, who will step up to fill shoes?

Yesterday the Mets lost one of their most effective pitchers in John Niese following his hamstring injury. With Oliver Perez being demoted to the bullpen due to general ineffectiveness, the Mets are now short two starters and really only have two good ones (I think John Maine proved how “good” he was by throwing twelve balls to start a game).

With Niese gone there is much speculation as to who will step up to fill the starting roles. Will help come from the bullpen, the minor leagues, or perhaps a free agent? Several free agents come to mind when considering the problem — Britney Spears, Chuck Norris, Schrodinger’s Cat, John Rocker — but I think the best man to fill this gaping rotation would be none other than Pedro Martinez.

A late season acquisition for the Phillies last year, Martinez proved a strong asset to the team, powering them into the World Series before promptly getting man-handled by the Yankees in two games. Right now staying in a position to make the playoffs is the Mets’ only concern. The World Series is far away, and it’s not as if they’re about to suddenly become the best baseball team in New York, so all Martinez would have to do is rack up some wins in the fourth or fifth spot in the rotation to help out Santana and Pelfrey. And if his ineffectiveness against the Yankees is still a concern, the Mets could pick him up after interleague play.

Pedro Martinez needs the spotlight like Heidi Montag needs breast enlargement, and the Mets need an effective starter like a crackwhore needs ca$h. It’s a match made in heaven. Someone just has to get on the phone.

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