The Devil's Advocate: Baseball's Most Hated Man

And no I’m not talking about Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, or even Roger Clemens (though it is likely that each of these fine men will have their own page entries here in the future). No, the man I am here to write about today is Scott Boras. There are many who have a strong distaste for Mr. Boras, some even going so far as to say he ruins the game of baseball. But I am here (as per usual) to come to his defense…or more accurately to provide an opposing opinion.

Boras is known as a hardball negotiator who gets massive contracts for his players. There are those who argue that these sort of huge deals widen the gap between rich and poor teams in baseball and generally overvalue players, driving up their cost on the market. Well, let me tell you something: kids gotta eat. Yes these big contracts may hurt the game and may even hurt a player in the long run, but think of the children. How would these players afford all of the amenities their children deserve if not for these overly lucrative deals? How would someone like Boras afford it?

This is Scott Boras' daughter before he began brokering major deals for players. She is so hungry she is about to attempt to eat a snake.

I can guarantee you that without Boras hundreds of athletes’ kids wouldn’t get that third shiny new car they were looking to get at Christmas. Oh the humanity! Besides, I have it from good sources that Boras needed the extra money to buy Voldemort a new Nagini, after his daughter Natalie ate that other one. Now if that’s not a good reason for some extra cash, what is?


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