Wakefield's 2000th Strikeout

Yesterday Tim Wakefield reached a milestone in pitching, striking out Vernon Davis for his 2,000th career K. Rearing back, he blew the pitch past Davis at over 90 mph…no, sorry that wasn’t Wakefield. Painting the outside corner, Davis was frozen by the biting movement of the pitch…no, no that’s not him either. Wakefield lazily wafted a ball over the plate with an arm motion that could easily be compared to a five-year-old learning to throw, and Davis just happened to be foolish enough to swing at the ball. It’s been his continued ability to make major league hitters look like T-ball players pissing themselves that has made him a legend…or at least has allowed him to have a career.

Through trickery, misery, and deceit Wakefield has managed to reach a high plateau in pitching. So congratulations, Mr. Wakefield. You have truly earned yourself a place in the Hall of Ancestors…or at least in the hearts and minds of Red Sox Nation.

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