MagsBarmyArmy is like the US Army in that it is an army of one. That is also where the similarities cease. The Barmy Army consists of Mags’. After spending many years adrift at sea, he recently washed up on the shores of Greenpoint and was immediately accosted by The Venuist and cajoled into writing for Venuing Voices, predominately about football; the global, finessed, skillful variety, for peanuts (literally) and an unquantified amount of Pale Ale.

Taken to Elland Road, the home of the mighty Leeds United, for his eighth birthday by Grandad Joe, it is here that his passion for the beautiful game and love of Leeds began. He witnessed an uneventful 0-0 draw with Liverpool and he remembers three very distinct and different things; one, forty thousand supporters singing in unison, “He’s fat; He’s round; He bounces on the ground… Sammy Lee, Sammy Lee”, two, the packed lunch his Grandma had provided and three, the amazing amount of swearing that occurred. He was immediately entranced, this twas the game for him.

From that point on Football made sense; he watched, played (including a brief spell on the Peruvian National side!), argued and wrote at various levels and finds himself today commenting on all aspects football for the fine fellows at Venuing. Still a huge Leeds United and York City fan, this summer you will find this dapper bloke glued to a certain Cup of the World event held on the sunny shores of Sud-Afrique, from which much witty banter will be fashioned.

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