Bargain Bin Pitching

In a sport known for its high salaries it’s great to hear stories about the underpaid guys who rise to the top. And no, I’m not talking about crazies like Braden who do well while bashing other high-paid professionals on the field. I’m talking about humble guys who go out and do their jobs and do them well. Guys like Jose Contreras.

Formerly a starter, Contreras is currently the strongest member of the Phillies bullpen with an ERA of 0.84 and hitters hitting only .143 against him. And what’s the best part? In a bullpen full of highly paid pitchers like Brad Lidge, JC Romero, and Ryan Madson (most of whom are on or around the DL), the Phillies picked up Contreras for only $1.5 million.

This guy’s like that brand-spanking new DVD you found in the $1 bargain bin. If only all of my investments were this good. Now you must excuse me; I have an iPad to return…


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