Braden Defends All the Bases

Until yesterday Dallas Braden was that guy who decided to start beef with A-Rod for walking over Oakland’s pitching mound and was known more for raving like a homeless man than his pitching prowess. But that’s all changed now. Braden took the formerly hot Tampa Bay Rays to town, pitching a perfect game, which the A’s won 4-0. In the post-game press conference, Braden dedicated his performance to all of the mounds that A-Rod has ever stepped on and taunted the Rays with a quote from his favorite song.

A-Rod could not be reached for official comment, but a Twitter post last night read:

Man should thank me for walking on his mound. I probably made it lucky. Damn, I’m like a rabbit’s foot or something. A-Rabbit’s foot. Lol I’m so clever.


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