Backwards K

My name is Backwards K, and I live and die by my fantasy sports teams. Ever since I traded Kaz Ishii and a can of Dr. Pepper to Warning Track Power for the immortal Brady Anderson (I’ve known the man for 15 years. No, not Brady Anderson. WTP), I’ve loved fantasy sports (and I’m pretty good at it too). In between mocking the steroids era of baseball, making topical yet hilariously inappropriate pop culture references, and rooting shamelessly for the Yankees, Knicks, and (sigh) Cleveland Browns, I’ll bring you more fantasy knowledge than a level 80 dungeon master (is that good? I don’t know. I swear).

When it comes to fantasy baseball analysis, I’m a full-on believer in sabermetrics. They work, they’re helpful, and if you don’t agree you can take your RBI and Wins and shove ’em right up your xFIP. Football is a little different. It’s a lot of feel and guessing, but doing research always helps. Also, I went to high school with Ray Rice, and that has to count for something. In between fantasy analysis expect a few articles rooting shamelessly for my favorite teams and praying for Lebron to leave Cleveland and come to the World’s Most Famous Arena. If you enjoy fantasy sports, South Park, off-color jokes, and everything in between, check me out.

And remember, keep the bat on your shoulders.
-Backwards K

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