YT Crooks

Y.T. is a blogger and one of the managers of the Venuing Voices’ site.

He graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore with a Bachelor’s degree in English and dreams of becoming the next Neil Gaiman.

Alas, too much time perfecting Super Smash Bros: Brawl skillz and a heavy addiction to EVE Online derailed him from any serious attempts at writing during his year long post-college stint of unemployment. He got into blogging (after talking and philosophizing about it for a year) right around the time he joined the Voices’ team.

Despite the company being based in New York, Y.T. was the first true New Yorker on the Voices staff, and therefore the first Yankees’ and Giants’ fan to write for the blog. During his free time Y.T. enjoys reading, writing, and things having to do with games and gaming. Those of you familiar with sci-fi literature, specifically Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, may understand (at least the first part) of Y.T.’s handle.

You can follow YT on Twitter through his handle @YTCrooks.

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