Warning Track Power

My alias is Waring Track Power…and he has a problem. WTP is my over analytical, incredibly arrogant, sabermetric-loving self who cares little of what others have to say because, in all probability, they are less right than I. My normal self — who may somehow sneak his way into some columns — is a much more open minded and likable person. While both are die-hard fans of the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks — and a bandwagon Rangers fan as hockey died soon after 1994 — you probably would never would want to watch a game with Warning Track Power as he will undoubtedly tell you why everything you think is wrong even if you are right. Still, all articles written under the name Warning Track Power will prove to be informative and perhaps even funny, making them worthwhile and something you should add to your Google Reader.

You can follow WTP on twitter through his handle @WTPower_Voices


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