The Venuist

The Venuist — or as he’s known around the Venuing Voices offices, “Dear Leader” — is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Voices team. Our more dedicated readers know him from his award-winning days* as chief interviewer for the Brooklyn Ski Club (“Tomamerica”) and as primary contributor [see also: Talking Head] at our old blog, “Venuist.”

While he digs writing, The Venuist also stars alongside contributor “Spiral Flag” in their award winning podcast, “Guerrilla vs. Beer”** — available on iTunes.

In his leisure time: T*V enjoys seeing the Yankees lose, watching the Red Sox win, rooting for the Patriots to crush all foes, and praying for the Celtics and Bruins to acquit themselves admirably in all endeavors…in that precise order. Despite this, he’s a ludicrously loyal defender of the City of New York, the greatest city in the whole world. And no, that’s not up for discussion. He also pretends to be a big fan of the North London Football Club Arsenal when a game is on or he is hanging around with rabid soccer fans.

You can follow The Venuist, like, on twitter at like @venuist or someting, or whatever, I dunno.

(*No actual awards)
(**No actual awards)


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