Offseason Blues: This Week's News in Football

Featured Story:
Lawrence Taylor, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Giants’ linebacker, has been arrested facing third degree rape charges, a.k.a. sex with a minor. Taylor allegedly propositioned a sixteen year old prostitute, whom he payed $300 for sexual favors. She reported him to the police after he refused to give her an autographed football ontop of his previous payment.

Raiders Drop Russell:
The Raiders have decided to drop JaMarcus Russell, a former number one draft pick, in favor of Jason Campbell, upgrading from “waste of space” to “just bad” at the quarterback position. Maybe the Raiders should be the team pursuing Brett Favre.

49ers Extend Willis’ Contract:
The San Francisco 49ers extended linebacker Patrick Willis’ contract for five more years. The team may actually be making a bid to be better than mediocre, but it’s probably too early to tell.

Adam “Pacman” Jones with Bengals:
Known for picking up the bad boys of football, the Bengals have begun work on their latest fix-it project Pacman Jones. Jones has completed two workout sessions with the team, but no official deal has been made yet. Word is that the Bengals are still in talks with God to determine if Jones’ soul is salvagable.

Tebow Jersey is Top Sell in April:
Theses are the best sales for a bench player to date, or at least that I remember. We’ll see if these sales are justified or if he ends up being the next Jamarcus Russell.

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