This Week in Metsdom

Since the second coming of Jesus (a.k.a. Ike Davis), the Mets have sprung from the bottom of the NL East to second place, currently just a half game behind the Phillies. Also promising is the return of Jose Reyes. Yes, he’s been back in the lineup, but until recently he was looking like an April Teixeira sitting fat and empty in the three spot. Now he’s gotten two hits in two successive games breaking an 0-11 streak. I guess May is good for more than one person.

Of some concern for the Mets is the status of Mike Pelfrey who was diagnosed with “general soreness” after an MRI. What exactly that highly technical medical term means is beyond me, but Pelfrey says that he is ready to start on Friday.

I’ll be able to make it. I’ll make it.

Well, so long as he’s not detained by the Department of Redundancy Department, it sounds like Pelfrey at least believes he’s ready to play. Now we just have to hope that he’s as ready as he says he is saying.

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