Favre Watch: Busted Ankle May Finally Subdue the Favre

Football’s greatest off-season drama has just taken another dramatic twist. Favre’s ankle has been hurting him since before the NFC Championship game, and after consulting with his surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, he will likely require some form of surgery if he wants to return to the Vikings. Favre is not a big fan of surgery, as cutting him open will likely reveal all of his electrical and mechanical parts, which may or may not be entirely legal for a football player to have. But he says that his love for the Vikings, their fanbase, and his team may override what would otherwise be an easy decision to retire.

As always he says that he needs to consult his family before making a decision, blah, blah, blah, all of the stuff we’ve heard before. What is interesting is that the Vikings seem to believe that his coming back. This isn’t a statement that has been made through words, but rather one made through draft picks. With ample opportunities to pick up both Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen, the Vikings passed, and as of right now their other quarterback options don’t seem that great. Say what you will about starting a rookie QB, but honestly I would rather have McCoy or Clausen out there than Rosenfeld, or worse, Jackson. With the Vikings’ ground game, a rookie quarterback would have a lot of his stress relieved by Petersen and Gerhart.

But really, this party has only just begun, and I’m sure there’s a lot more news from the Favre corner of things to come.

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