World Cup Pre-Preview

For those of you who don’t know, the World Cup is this year, and no that isn’t a beer pong tournament or a joxygen show down. It’s the grandest stage of competition for soccer, a sport aptly referred to as “football” outside of the U-S-of-A. If all of this is news to you, then I can certainly guarantee you didn’t know that the US soccer team actually looks strong and is likely to make it out of its initial group.

The US is in Group C along with Britain, Slovenia, and Algeria. For those of you who don’t know how all this works, basically all of the teams in a group play each other, and then the two teams with the best records advance to the next round. Ties in win/loss/tie records are broken through things like how many goals [a.k.a. points] your team scored. The US is given a 56% chance of advancing from this initial group, much better than Slovenia’s 37% or Algeria’s 22%, and a 22% chance to win the entire group. In order to accomplish that last feat they would have to beat Britain, their first opponent in group play.

I expect this game to be well fought and for the US to prove a lot. I anticipate the British using well-drilled efficiency and maneuvering to try and control the pitch [a.k.a. field], while the Americans use guerrilla tactics and their knowledge of the landscape to eventually win out, most likely through a decisive goal scored through an assist from the French. This game will be a battle for the ages — Colonizer Vs. Colonies! — and if the US emerges victorious…well, I expect some more people will start watching soccer. And hey, maybe they’ll even start referring to it as “football”… or is that borderline blasphemous?

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