The Devil's Advocate: At Least Ben Roethlisberger Likes Dogs

Though it may be too soon to know the extent of Roethlisberger’s actions, it seems to me that it should also be too early to condemn him. Yes, he has been accused of a heinous crime [twice], but he hasn’t be charged with anything [yet]! And he is clearly apologetic about…well, I guess being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting involved in this whole criminal investigation business. I mean, really, his written apology says it all.

“The Commissioner’s decision to suspend me speaks clearly that more is expected of me. I am accountable for the consequences of my actions. Though I have committed no crime, I regret that I have fallen short of the values instilled in me by my family. I will not appeal the suspension and will comply with what is asked of me — and more. Missing games will be devastating for me. I am sorry to let down my teammates and the entire Steelers fan base. I am disappointed that I have reached this point and will not put myself in this situation again. I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given in my life and will make the necessary improvements.”

He didn’t get up on a podium and try to sway people through tears and emotions. He stated his thoughts simply, concisely, and promised that he is going to try and improve himself and not put himself in situations that could lead to mean accusations [in short, staying away from 20 year old coeds at clubs].

Roethlisberger seems sincerely apologetic, and he hasn’t even been officially found guilty of anything [yet]. All I’m saying is that there are those who have done worse, and to further that point I will take this space to say that at the very least Ben Roethlisberger certainly loves dogs.

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