An Appeal to the Red Sox from a Yankees' Fan

The Red Sox have been pretty terrible so far this year, currently holding a modest 10-11 record, which ties the Blue Jays for third/fourth place. Prior to these last two games against Toronto, they were even farther down the totem. Now, as a Yankees fan (who is currently only subbing in for your good Boston Beat Writer 33Problems, not to worry), you might think that I revel in this. But I don’t, not really.

As much as I love beating Boston, and as much as I hate to see them beat the Yankees or win any sort of major series, like say the World Series, it takes a lot of the fun out of the rivalry when your nemesis just isn’t that good. It’s even more of a let down, since the Red Sox were projected to be the top team in the AL East by some measures. Now it’s a competition between the Yankees and…the Rays? What’s the fun in that? No one likes the Rays. Whose face can I rub it in when we beat them? The Red Sox have to start winning, otherwise a lot of the drama of baseball is just plain gone.

Fortunately it looks like the Sox might be starting to turn things around. Winning their last two games, they are now in a position to possibly sweep the Blue Jays tonight, which would make them sole possessor of third place in the division. Then on Friday they begin a series against the Orioles, who are terrible, so it is likely that they can at least take two games. This beat down on lesser teams may provide the lift that the Sox need to get back into things. Granted, it’s early, but it’s never good to fall too far behind, especially when your competition is the Yankees and…the Rays.

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