Yankees Sending Mixed Signals

Over the weekend the Yankees dropped their first series of the year to the Angels. I don’t think this is really anything to get worried about, given that the team is still only 1.5 games back to the Rays and that it’s still early in the season, but the New York media being what it is has started crying about how the Yankees are scared of the Angels again, the “again” coming from the Angels’ fame of being the only team in baseball to have a winning record against the Yankees during the Joe Torre Era (JTE being a measure of time that supercedes BC and AD for true Yankees’ fans). What was of some mild concern was the late-inning home-run hit by Kendry Morales that put the decisive runs on the board, or rather the antics that preceded Morales’ home-run.

The at-bat started with catcher Francisco Cervelli standing up as if to intentionally walk Morales, and pitcher Damaso Marte complied, throwing him a ball. Then, either Girardi decided this wasn’t the right approach, or there was some sort of mix-up in the signs because Marte began to actually pitch to Morales being already behind in the count. I use the word “pitch” liberally as Marte fell behind quickly 3-0. Then he proceeded to throw a “gimme” over the center of the plate after Girardi had signaled that Morales would likely be swinging even on the 3-0 count. Of course Morales was swinging, and he hit the home-run. All of this confusion is rather puzzling, and though no one can go undefeated, it is extremely frustrating to lose games simply due to miscommunication (as iterated by our friend over at the Bronx Goblin).

Hopefully this is just a minor blip on the radar screen, and the Yankee machine can find itself back in working order tonight when they try to take out their anger against a different kind of winged entity in Angelos’ Awful Orioles down in Camden Yards.


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