The Man, The Legend…

Since being called up last Monday, Ike Davis has single-handedly propelled the New York Mets to 6 victories in 7 games. It is astounding how the tides turned once he was promoted. No Mets prospect has garnered this much (positive) attention since the 80’s, when Doc and Darryl were taking New York by storm, and Gregg Jeffries, the greatest prospect of all-time, was entrenching himself permanently in the Webster’s dictionary next to the word “bust.” For the first time in nearly 60 years, “I like Ike!” is reverberating through the streets of New York, a slogan initially used during the campaign of President Dwight D. Eisenhower for the 1952 presidency. In his first week on the team, Ike has already made a tremendous reaching catch near the railing of the dugout (he flipped over the railing, niftily caught the ball and righted himself with one hand, while maintaining grip on the baseball with the other hand), hit a 450 blast onto the “Shea Bridge” and, as previously stated, led the Mets to a unforeseen hot streak. He has been a breath of fresh air, after nearly two weeks of doom and gloom, and, for the time being, has saved the jobs of Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen(unfortunately). If he can continue to provide a spark to an otherwise lackluster offense, and if the Mets can keep winning, “I like Ike” will no longer by synonymous with the Oval Office, but with a certain member of the New York Mets as well.

**Authors Note I will regrettably be taking the next two weeks off, to travel the world and better myself. When I return, I will be more ready to write about the Mets, and whatever else fits my fancy. Until then, I bid thee farewell, and may the Mets win every game the rest of the way.


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