Phillies Lock Up Howard for the Long-Term

Still holding precariously to the top spot of the highly contested NL East, the Phillies made a big move today in regards to the future of their team by signing first baseman Ryan Howard to a five-year contract extension for 125 million dollars. This is the largest contract in the Phillies’ history, even bigger than those signed by Jim Thome and Acme Robot Model 2.56 (a.k.a. Chase Utley). Howard has the 5th most home-runs of any Phillies player with 225 and is the fourth player in baseball history to have four consecutive seasons with at least 40 home-runs and 130 RBIs, the others being Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey Jr., and Sammy Sosa.

Now it’s time for the Phillies to simply hope that Howard doesn’t pull a Griffey and end up being injured more than half the time; or a Sosa and get caught being on the juice then turning himself into a contact hitter; or an Albert Belle and just straight stealing the money while spending his time getting fat on his couch. All in all though I think this is a good signing for the team, and even though the sights still have to be set on finishing first this year, it will alleviate some pressure knowing that one of the big guns will be in the line-up for some years to come.


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