Vikings, Favre, and the Draft

Last night the Minnesota Vikings made a last minute trade, opting to take two 2nd Round picks (34th and 62nd overall) and giving their late first round pick to the Detroit Lions. The Vikings will now have the second pick in Round Two, and the decision they make here is pretty key.

On Tuesday it was revealed that (surprise!) whether or not Brett Favre return to the Vikings is still unknown. Steve Mariucci was quoted in a radio appearance as saying:

“He’s trying to determine: Is his body telling him something here? Or is he going to be feeling better in due time. He still hasn’t made up his mind and the Vikings are not rushing him.”

With college stars Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen still available in the draft, it is certain that the Vikings will have a shot at at least one of them. Which one they pick, or whether or not they decide to bank on Favre’s possible return (post-cervo-firing-knee implants) will be an interesting to see. One thing that is certain: Tavaris Jackson and/or Sage Rosenfels are not going to lead the Purple People Eaters to victory. They do both have really cool names though…

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