With the First Overall Pick, the St. Louis Rams Select Sam Bradford

Booooom. Love the pick. Why? I am now batting .1000 with my predictions. I can promise you that will not last long.

Reaction: Although early on most thought the Rams would go with Nebraska DT Suh, the Bradford train left Oklahoma for St. Louis a bit over a month ago and has only gained steam. The kid will be a player in the NFL. He has a strong enough arm and incredible accuracy. Think Drew Brees but taller (and probably not nearly as smart or likeable). With the money factor included, this was the obvious pick.

And because I cannot type fast enough I must include my Ndamukong Suh pick reaction. Let me promise you that he is who I predicted. I am still batting .1000. The best part of the pick was how obvious it was that Roger Goodell practiced saying his first name in the mirror. This was also a great pick. Mel Kiper Jr. called him the best defensive prospect he has seen in the past ten years. Generally when you can get a player with that type of resume you should do so. And thank god he didn’t have a Madden commercial where he sings, “I’m Ndamukong Suh, I had 13 sacks and 32 tackles for loss!”

Prediction: Gerald McCoy will be the third pick. Count it.


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