Trades Happen, College Kids Are Picked, Kiper Still Has Amazing Hair

San Diego traded up to get Ryan Matthews and Philadelphia just traded up in all likelihood to get Earl Thomas. While the primetime coverage has brought forth a ton of excitement, it has also given the crowd a whole day to booze. Said combination of excitement and booze leads to awesome chants like “Philly Sucks, Philly Sucks!” OK, now to actually speak on the picks.

Spiller may be the best playmaker in this year’s draft, but Ryan Matthews could very well be the best overall running back. At 5’11 and 220 lbs, the every-down back ran a 4.37 40-yard dash at the combine that ensured he would be selected on Thursday night. Combined with his excellent blocking ability, look for the Fresno State product to have a long career, which for a tailback is about four to six years.

Instant Reaction to Philly Pick: WOWOWOWOWOWOW. Thank the lord. Earl Thomas is not in the NFC East. While Brandon Graham may be John Gruden’s “guy” and a “whirling dervish of a player” according to Tom Jackson, he sure as hell is not a playmaking, ballhawking safety.


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