Tennessee, San Francisco, Pittsburgh

Tennessee just took Derrick Morgan, Kiper’s sixth best player going into the night, at sixteen. Described as “not a pass rusher” and “not having that closing speed,” I am unsure how he could be projected as a better player as JPP. I understand that stopping the run is about half of what a defensive end does, but in this day and age where teams spread out their offenses with four or five receiver sets, getting to the quarterback is the name of the game. Still, Morgan comes from Georgia Tech, and I’ve always liked Georgia Tech. I don’t really know why. Maybe, it’s because I like their colors. The following fragment will be written to retain my masculinity: Red Meat, Cold Beers, Scantily Clad Woman, and Stogeys.

The 49ers use their second first round pick on Mike Iupati, OG from Idaho. Combined with Anthony Davis (their first, first rounder) and Joe Staley (2008 first rounder), the 49ers will boast a highly talented, if not incredibly expensive, offensive line.

Next, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected another bodyguard to block bathroom doors for protect Big Ben. Ranked the top center, many believe Maurkice Pouncey would have gone higher if not for the ridiculously dumb positional assessments that state an interior lineman will not be taken in the top 15 picks. The Florida product should help make Roethlisberger’s life easier once he returns from his suspension for rape player misconduct

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