Seattle Takes Russell Okung

On last night’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat Two, Wes made a comment once Kenny decided to put EV’s team into the exile instead of his own. Wes noted that Kenny made his first intelligent move in his Challenge career, as he made the smart choice instead of the emotional one. He was evolving, the Real World Austin challenger (what is the noun by which I call these people who are the most illegitimate of all famous people) noted. Pete Carroll’s choice of Russell Okung exhibits his evolution. Carroll made the wise choice.

Okung: The number one left tackle until two or three weeks ago, many forecasted Okung to go four to Washington. Seattle was able to benefit from Shanahan’s choice, as Okung will be the second best tackle from this draft (behind Rutger’s Anthony Davis). If Carroll can add intelligence to his boy-like enthusiasm then the NFL better watch out.

Prediction: I put my hand into a hat, pulled out a piece of paper, uncrumbled it, and it said, “Joe Haden, cornerback from Florida.”


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