Chiefs Select Ed Reed 2.0

I never claimed I was Nostradamus. The Chiefs selected Eric Berry, playmaker out of Tennessee.

Recap: This dude is bad. He can cover. He can tackle. He can hit (which is tackling, but harder). He can catch. He can blitz. He can dance. He can sing. He can end world hunger. Berry is the prototypical new age safety. Jon Gruden just compared him to Ronnie Lott, which means I probably don’t need to add much more. I just hope the recent curse of playing in Kansas City does not catch up to him.

Prediction: If a normal decision maker was in charge of the Seattle war room then I would say they’d draft Russell Okung. But Pete Carroll is not normal; he is way too cool to be normal. Therefore, I say they draft CJ Spiller, RB out of Clemson.


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