A Prophet Goes to Denver

Boy Genius would have a thing for a prophetic player like Tim Tebow. I can imagine the shrine built to Tebow in McDaniel’s room, between the Transformers and Iron Man action figures, and behind the replica White House built out of Legos. Game-worn cleats, jerseys, and eye-black stips. Pictures, game-tapes on loop, and scented candles. McDaniels and Tebow are a match made in heaven.

As for his career…well, I hope him well. I’ve enjoyed all the interviews and the Jon Gruden specials, but throwing with the proper mechanics against air to high schoolers is a bit different than doing the same thing against the Ray Lewises and Dwight Freeneys of the world. I don’t buy the “if anyone can do it, it is Tim Tebow,” because 97% of the players in the NFL work their asses off to improve their games. To think Tebow can do it because he can say all the right things in an interview or go to Malaysia to preach to the poor and hungry is naive and ignorant.

That said, I think Tebow will be useful in the league. Give him two years to sit behind Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn while getting a few snaps a game as a wildcat/short yardage specialist and allow him to further develop the short throwing stroke he’ll need at the next level. I do not question his arm strength, nor do I question his accuracy. I wonder about his ability to put it all together — strong, accurate throws from a quick motion. If anyone can do it — in two years — it is Tim Tebow.

One Response to “A Prophet Goes to Denver”
  1. Jim says:

    Tim Tebow will prove allot of doubters and the many haters wrong! Tebow will make a excellent QB ain the NFL and he will be a good fit in Denver’s new offense!
    As for idiot Mel Kiper who picked JaMarcus Russell as the best QB a few years back and who currently hates Teebow. His carrer much like his hair is quickly disappearing!!

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