The Devil's Advocate: Peter Angelos Loves Kittens!

Peter Angelos is a great man. A well known philanthropist, he has contributed millions to charitable causes all over Maryland and is the single largest individual donor to the Univeristy of Baltimore. In 1988 he was given the Marylander of the Year award by the Baltimore Sun, and in 1996 he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Isn’t this the sort of person you would want running your baseball team?

True, the Orioles have not had much success since Angelo’s purchase of the team in 1993, but these sort of things happen. I mean, not every team can be the Yankees. People are so eager to lay blame at the feet of the owners. Thousands of Orioles fans walk out of games in August to “protest” Angelo’s ownership, but why would they protest such a generous man? Even Sports Illustrated named Angelos one of the five worst owners in baseball, but they had to admit that their rating wasn’t based on any sort of scientific scale, just their jealous spite that they weren’t given the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

So what if he continually raises ticket prices yet continually fails to put a quality product on the field? These sort of things take time, and they sure as hell aren’t free. And what about the release of Jon Miller from his broadcasting contract? Miller said he was going to San Francisco; why not take him at his word? And the refusal of Brooks Robinson to be associated with the club? Purely selfish on his part; why would you not want to be affiliated with one of Maryland’s greatest?

Some corners have suggested that Cal Ripken Jr. might be a better owner of the Baltimore Orioles. These people just don’t understand baseball. How many humanitarian awards does Junior have? Sure he has some great sport stats, and I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he’s no Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient. Good, philanthropic people are the sort of people who effectively run baseball teams. And Peter Angelos is a good, philanthropic person.


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