NFL Draft 2010 Voices Preview

Tomorrow night will find us all gathered around the television, as our ancestors of old would gather around a fire, awaiting the most momentous event of the NFL off-season: the Draft. The NFL Draft is a massive spectacle wherein we watch the players we so admired in college ball move from collegiate to professional careers on one of the world’s biggest sports stages. We get to see which players teams think will work in their system, or be good at the pro-level in general, and which players they think are just college phenom who won’t cut it in the work-a-day world.

The biggest question prior to every draft is, who will be picked first? The two major contendors for that spot in this year’s draft are quarterback Sam Bradford of the Oklahoma Sooners and defense tackle Ndamukong Suh of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The St. Louis Rams have the first pick this year, and it will be interesting to see which direction they choose to go, offense or defense? Both players are exceptional playmakers, and either one of them would be a good choice. Unlike in the 2006 Draft, one of these players going before the other will not be a huge surprise…though I have to say I think Houston did get the better end of that deal. Sure the Saints just won a Super Bowl, but Mario Williams has done a lot for the Texans as a team; Reggie Bush on the other had hasn’t done squat.

Fine, I take that back; he has done something.

If the Rams don’t pick Bradford, he may drop down all the way to 5th or 6th overall pick. The Lions, the next team on the list, just drafted Matthew Stafford last year and are in no need of a quarterback. Neither are the Tampa Bay Bucs, who already have Josh Freeman as their potential future guy. The Redskins just traded for Donovan McNabb, so it is unlikely that they will be looking to pick up any quarterbacks. Kansas City doesn’t really need a quarterback either, still having Matt Cassel at that position. Then come the Seahawks. They could definitely use Bradford. But this is all hypothetical and based entirely on St. Louis choosing Suh over Bradford.

If the Rams choose Bradford, as they are expected to do, the Lions will take Suh for the 2nd overall pick to sure up their defense and (hopefully) start actually building a good franchise team.

Another question that has been circulating all off-season is, who will take Tim Tebow, missionary and college sports phenomenon? This is something I nor anyone else I know have an answer for. What I do think is that Tebow will not go in the first round, and I think that Tebow feels the same way. He announced today that he will not be attending the draft in person. So it looks like he’ll get to watch along with the rest of us from the comfort of his plush couch and ponder the answer to this query just as we ponder ourselves…

I can only hope this is how he dresses at home.

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