Marathon Mets Show Cards Late, Win in 20

On Saturday, the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals played the longest game in the Major Leagues this season, with the Mets coming out victorious 2-1. The game featured many unusual things, including infielder Felipe Lopez and his 60 mph fastball pitching a scoreless inning, 3 Mets going 0-7, and a starting pitcher, Mike Pelfrey, picking up the save. However, the game was so poorly managed by both managers, it was as if they were both trying to lose. It was like watching Grady Little manage against Dusty Baker. Cards skipper, renowned genius Tony LaRussa let his pitchers bat not once, but TWICE with the bases loaded and two outs in extra innings, each time leaving reserve catcher Bryan Anderson on the bench. Mets’ resident baseball expert, manager Jerry Manuel, decided to sacrifice bunt with Luis Castillo against Joe Mather, another position player whose control would have made Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn look like Greg Maddux. The game was torturous to watch. By the end of the game, the cardinal fans still in attendance were literally praying for someone, anyone, to score a run. Of course, after the Mets scored off of Mather in the 19th, frickin’ Yadier Molina had to get a two-out base hit in the bottom of the inning to tie the score. That loud, reverberating groan was the states of Missouri and New York(half of it, at least) collectively displaying their frustration.

After Pelfrey finally induced Ryan Ludwick to ground out to Castillo to end the game, the fun didn’t end there. “Prairie Farms Run the Bases” was scheduled to take place after the game, and seven hours or not, who could disappoint the kids? The five kids that were still in Busch Stadium III were all so tired by the end, the run around the diamond involved five equally-tired parents pushing their kids in wheelchairs provided by the team. As one parent put it, “Hey, that’s the quietest my son’s been in months, they should do this more often!”
Manuel had this to say after the game; “Man, that game was gangsta. We battled, they battled, and we were fortunate enough to cut them before they cut us. Ha ha ha.” All LaRussa could muster was, “Helluva game. I definitely need a few drinks after that one. What’s the speed limit for Saint Louis County again?”

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