Philadelphia Phillies: What Happened to that Offense?

It’s early, but hey it’s always better to be ahead than behind [enter innuendo here]. The Phillies have jumped to the head of the pack in the always competitive NL East, one game ahead of the Marlins in the loss column and a full game ahead of the Braves, with an 8-4 record. With great pitching and powerful offense (77 runs in 10 games…wha!?) the Phillies smashed face for the first ten games of the season. But in the last two games the bats have gone silent with the Phillies managing to put up only one run in eighteen innings. Now I’m no math-whiz, but it would seem to me that one run in two games doesn’t generate a great winning percentage.

Tonight the Phillies head down to Atlanta and the Church of Cox [see Cox, Bobby Diety] and are hoping to bring their bats back into the mix. But the Braves have always been a worthy advesary, and being only a game out of first place they will certainly be looking to improve their rank in the standings by knocking the King off the Hill. This will be a crucial start for the Phillies’ Kyle Kendrick who has a 17.47 ERA coming into the game after have struggled mightily against…the Nationals. (Aside, if you can only throw 23 strikes against hitters from the Nationals your career should probably be over). But with Joe Blanton on the DL (who will be making his first rehab start today), the Phillies don’t have anywhere else to turn.

Having lost two games in a row to the Marlins, a turn around here against the Braves (and maybe a good start from Kendrick) would be a big boost to the Phillies. As I said in the opening, it’s early, but being knocked down by the Braves here could be a serious morale breaker especially if they win big. It would be like that one time you got humiliated on the playground by that jackass in Kindergarten. Did it seriously stunt your personal growth? No. Did it suck a lot at the time and make you not want to go to school ever again because you felt you could just as easily play with crayons in your room and not have to suffer the meaness of a gap-toothed tormentor? Yes.

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