The Devil's Advocate: John Sterling is Awesome

John Sterling is a mythic sportscaster known all over the world as “The Legendary Voice of the New York Yankees”. Sterling has been a radio broadcaster for the Yankees since 1989 and has not missed a game. Any Yankee fan of my generation can tell you he or she has grown up with the illustrious sound of Sterling’s voice, his trademark call, “Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeeeeee Yankees win!” And I’m sure those of the older generations have gotten quite accustomed to his bravado-filled voice as well.

Who else could get away with phrases like “It’s a Thrilla – By Godzilla!” or “Swishilicious”? And what other play-by-play man can generate so much drama with just one trademark catchphrase: “It is high, it is far, it is gone!”? So what if more than half the time it’s not actually a home run? Or if about 75% of what he is claiming to happen on the field in real life is entirely fictitious? Sportscasting is about entertainment! And no one entertains better than John Sterling.

One Response to “The Devil's Advocate: John Sterling is Awesome”
  1. Sterling is the WORST. An attention-grabbing ego who upstages the action on the field and thinks it’s all about him. To laugh (or groan) at his many blunders, visit

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