Jon Gruden Loses All Credibility – AP Reports

Jon Gruden stated today that he actually thinks Tebow is good. I mean like really good, like maybe first round good, and he is surprised by how many of us “Tebow-haters” there are out there. He was particularly impressed with Tebow’s knowledge, citing his familiarity of many NFL offenses. Hey, I played Madden, can I sign up for the draft?

Of Tebow, Gruden says:

Tim’s transition to more of a conventional NFL style has drawn a lot of questions from people, whether he can make the modifications in his passing delivery and adapt to playing under center … What I’m really impressed with is the way he sits on the edge of his chair and his work ethic and relentlessness to become great is really second to nobody.

Okay, so he’s studious and hard-working. That is certainly admirable. But is that really the most impressive thing? I might be more impressed if he, you know, COULD PLAY HIS POSITION! Yes, Tebow has grit and determination and is a “winner” (as opposed to all those other players out there who must be “losers”), but how does this make him any more worthy than Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, or any of the other top-ranked quarterbacks who will be eligible this draft? These guys are also hard-working and studious, and they already know how to play their position in a way that will translate to the pros.

Sometimes top college athletes aren’t as impressive in the professional arena, or maybe even just don’t cut it. Look at Reggie Bush. Why teams are still wasting time fawning over a guy who they will essentially have to re-train at the position he is supposed to be playing is beyond me. Unless you have the luxury of dropping him to the third string and waiting another couple of years for him to (maybe) develop, then it’s probably not worth the time.

Whoa, sorry man. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Can I get you somethng? Maybe some warm milk and a cookie?

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