Jerry Jones Hates Sushi

On Tuesday, a video of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones making demeaning remarks about Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow, turned up on Deadspin. In the video Jones says that both of them ain’t doggy-doody, Tebow for being an unplayable draft pick, and Parcells for…well I’m not really sure why anyone would say that about Parcells, but Jones seems to believe that Parcells didn’t do anything for the team and the only reason Jones brought him in was to “…get this [AMAZING NEW] stadium.”

I can understand Jones’ statement about Tebow. It is likely true, and either way Tebow is entirely unproven on the professional level. He has no track record and could turn out to be the next Peyton Manning or the next Terry Baker. But Bill Parcells is certainly a successful coach, manager, and asset to a team. Much as I dislike him, I cannot say that he doesn’t get things done. Even for the Cowboys, Parcells took a team that was coming of three straight 5-11 seasons and brought them to the playoffs in his first year. That’s a pretty big deal for someone who, as Jones put it, is “not worth a [PENNY]”.

Jones probably feels like he can say these things since he got the new Cowboys’ stadium built, is the owner of a storied-franchise, and generally just has a massive ego. But no matter how safe Jones may feel in his Jumbotron castle, I can guarantee you the Tuna is out there planning his revenge and waiting for the opportunity to strike.

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