Chicken Little and Big Papi: Venuing Red Sox Beat Report

Ortiz is 1 for 11 with a single RBI. The sky is falling, the roof is caving in, the plane has crashed into the mountain. Mike Lowell should take over take over at DH and the once great Ortiz should ride the pine.

Please. Baseball is a game that builds on itself. Each pitch is more important than the one before it, same for innings in a game, and games in a season. This is why there is a closer, why you can’t strikeout on a foul, why you don’t look at your team’s rankings until June, and why going 8-0 last year at the start of the season against the yanks meant a lot less than going 1-9 at the end. Had this game been against the Royals, or even Tampa, I don’t think this issue would be as big as it is playing out in the media, but since we lost the series to the Yankees someone must be blamed.

Enter Big Papi.

Players cannot be judged, really, until about 100 or so at bats. Let’s say Ortiz goes 3 for 3 tonight in KC, he’ll then sport a .308 average and all will be well, right? I mean Edgar Renteria is batting .727. The season is hours old.

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