A Clear Message From Levine

When Milwaukee Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio complained about his team being possibly unable to sign first baseman Prince Fielder, Yankees’ President Randy Levine had only two words for him: Stop Whining. I can only hope he said them with the same gusto as the Governator. This return to Attanasio’s belly-aching might seem blunt, but I think Mr. Levine is making a valid point. Complaining about how the Yankees organization has so much money can only get you so far. The better question is, what is YOUR organization doing with its money? Or the Yankees’ money for that matter?

The Yankees paid out $150 million in revenue shares to other teams around the MLB last year. Some of those teams spent the money suspectly; the Marlins, for example, received $46.1 million in revenuing shares and put out a team that had a payroll of 36.8 million. There’s $10 million dollars missing there. Ten. Million. Dollars. I don’t know that the Brewers have the same sort of enigmatic spending practices as the Marlins, but maybe more efficient use of the revenue shares and profits in general might help the team. Either way, complaining about the Yankees and other large market teams is only going to get you so far.

As for that $10 million dollars, sources say that they recently saw Randy Levine chasing Florida Marlins’ own Jeffrey Loria through the Everglades yelling, “Stop! I’m a cop, you idiot!”

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