Tools of Ignorance: Red Sox Beat Report

Rumors of the death of the Red Sox offense have been greatly exaggerated. Top to bottom this is a line up, while missing boppers like Bay and Manny, is much more balanced throughout the line up. Replacing at bats by Nick Greene, Jason Varitek, and Julio Lugo with Victor Martinez and Marco Scutaro should more than make up for the Lowell, Bay at bats now taken by Cameron and Beltre. I think its clear Youk in on his way to taking the next step into super-stardom. In other words, I’m optimistic. The concern surrounding Ortiz’s decline is not going away. He did go 0-3 Sunday, but did work a walk and moved a runner to 3rd on a ground out setting up a sac fly against one of the best lefties in the game. While this is not the production you’re looking for out of your DH, he put some good swings on the ball and didn’t look anywhere near as lost (and heavy) as he did the start of last season.

What else happened… oh that’s right, Beckett

This is a team friendly deal when you look at it compared to the market out there for staring pitchers. It is, however, still a bit of a high contract money-wise (68 million) due in no small part to the Sox wanting to protect Josh’s ego in being the ace and highest paid member of the staff. The value will, of course, be decided well after we get a sense of Beckett’s performance. If his next 4 years were as good as his last, the contract was appropriately valued. There is, as always, plenty of room for it to go either way.

If nothing else, this contract gives the front office the comfort to be secure in their starting rotation for the next 4 season, so attention can be paid elsewhere.

Lester vs. Burnett tonight.

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