Jorge Posada and his lack of defensive skills.

Straight forward and to the point, Jorge Posada is a defensive liability. In any game and at any time his incompetence can strike. Be it a passed ball off his mitt, a weak throw to second, a slow tag on a play at the plate, Jorge can do all of these things to hurt his team. Can he hit? Yes, of course. But a catcher touches the ball every play of the game and during crucial moments, he can make or break your team’s defense. As he showed Sunday night against the Boston Red Sox in the season opener he will break you before he makes you when it comes to his glove. With Marte pitching and Youkilis on second base a passed ball gave Youkilis third, think the damage was done? It wasn’t. A few pitches later another passed ball off of Jorge’s mitt gave Youkilis a free pass(standing none-the-less) to the go ahead run. So Yankee fans stop turning a blind eye or passing blame, Jorge Posada is costing us games.

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