It's a Holy day, but tonight it's War. [Yankees vs Red Sox]

Major League Baseball’s season gets under way tonight in Fenway Park, with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox starting things off in grand fashion. Excitement will be in the air, so will hatred and animosity for the opposing team. The wind won’t be the only thing swirling around the park tonight as both teams look to make a statement about their identities on Opening Night. The Red Sox plan to play some defense this year and not just Pedroia and Youkilis, the whole team(maybe even an outfielder or two). The Yankees look exactly the same as last year in the infield, but the line-up and the outfield have some changes that will greatly effect the way this team plays.

The Yankees new additions of former Yankee Nick Johnson and former Tiger Curtis Granderson, will be front and center tonight. Nick Johnson has a sore knee after fouling a pitch off it during a recent spring training game. That will be a recurring story all year, Johnson’s health, at DH full time (minus Jorge Posada’s breaks from pretending to catch) the Yankees look to keep Johnson off the DL. Johnson’s high OPS in the #2 spot in the batting order and his spring hype of more power have manager Joe Girardi and hitting coach Kevin Long wondering “Who’s Johnny Damon?”

Curtis Granderson

The legend of center field for the New York Yankees has been turned over to Curtis Granderson, will he write a notable chapter in a long line of legends? Or become a platooning outfielder that can’t hit lefties worth a lick? Welcome to the Jungle, Mr. Granderson. A legend off the field for all the right reasons in Detroit, Granderson has the makings to become New York favorite, but hitting in the .100’s against lefties will throw a wrench in that. I expect Granderson to be fine, joining the Yankee’s line-up has been known to do wonders for others and with his hard work ethic and focus on baseball, Granderson will succeed.

The Red Sox are front end loaded with pitching and not too shabby on the back end either. With a new emphasis on pitching and defense(Big Papi isn’t involved), the Sox look to change their ways. If I went into a weekly poker game with 3 Ace’s I’d be happy, Terry Francona is happy too. With Mike Cameron’s glove roaming the center field grass of Fenway and Jacob Ellsbury and his new #2 jersey roaming left don’t expect too many balls to drop between them.

The Usual Suspects return to make the Red Sox a pain in the ass to pitch against and watch in general. Kevin Youkilis and his annoying tendencies will be more annoying than ever. Dustin Pedroia is a machine and he don’t malfunction too often. Big Papi aka David Ortiz is back as well, lets see if last year’s early season troubles will become the norm or were just a fluke. Adrian Beltre takes over for Mike Lowell at third, while Lowell is being relentlessly shopped, Beltre will be expected to contribute like any other AL East third baseman.


The Red Sox are fast starters and the Yankees not so much, but I’d still expect some fireworks and plenty of trash talk. So I’m gonna send this one up to Beantown, take it from here fellas….

Venuing will be running live from Fenway Park, check it out at the Venuing Live Page and get in on the buzz that’s happening at the game. Well I’m not shy so, Lets Go Yankees!!! and hopefully Beckett gets hit hard, early and often.

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