Mark Teixeira's Elbow, Jerry Manuel's Headaches and Jamie Moyer's Age.

Yankee Business

In the land of make believe, aka Yankee Universe, Mark Teixeira got plunked on the right elbow by Jeremy Guthrie Monday night in Sarasota Florida. While the elbow is all swollen, Teixeira is planning to shoot a few Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson inspired commercials for the upcoming season on YES Network. YES Network exec’s think Teixeira dropping the “People’s Elbow” on super-imposed images of Kevin Youkilis and David Ortiz during commercial breaks will “keep the intensity level up” and fans more tuned in than ever. Also it will keep the focus off the lack of credible play-by-play calls and the completely biased coverage YES provides.

Peoples Elbow

In other Yankee news Alfredo Aceves is having some minor back issues that may cause him to miss his final spring tune-up. Phil Hughes may start the season at Triple A to keep on schedule, since off days don’t require the Yankees to use a fifth starter for a couple of weeks. Pat Venditte a Yankees minor league pitcher made his major league exhibition debut, why do I mention him you ask?, he is an ambidextrous pitcher. The soft tossing lefty/righty relieved C.C. Sabathia in the fifth inning Tuesday against the Braves.

Jorge Posada and A.J. Burnett seem to be getting along great so far in camp, but I’m gonna keep an eye on this one, these two are two bad starts away from a headline grabbing divorce. Anyone with a shred of baseball knowledge knows Posada can’t call a good game and a head case that struggles with control like Burnett needs more than a bat wearing the Tools Of Ignorance to catch him, coax him, comfort him. Stay tuned for Jorge Posada’s transformation into a part time catcher/part time DH, it’s coming sooner than you think.

Other A.L. News

Francisco Liriano will be the Twins fifth starter heading into the season. His latest spring gem has the Twins keeping him as a starter and not filling the closer hole left by Joe Nathan’s injury.

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has stated that he will not stop tweeting. This is interesting cause? We all know Guillen can’t keep his mouth shut and entertainment is always just a tweet away. Thanks Ozzie.

The Mess, I mean The Mets

Jose Reyes Ryan Howard

When will the black cloud that follows the Mets finally move on? When will the sun come out in Flushing? New York’s other team and there manager have their share of question marks, but optimism and positivity is starting to creep back in. Unless you are talking about their rotation, then a prayer and a few coins in The Trevi fountain would come in handy. Me and The Venuist shared a few thoughts on this subject the other day, Johan Santana is a man with a burden. Besides himself who can the Mets count on? Oliver Perez, good to root for when he can find the plate, the other 75% of the time I boo and heckle like the visiting team paid for my tickets. John Maine is the second coming of Aaron Heilman, destined for long relief. Mike Pelfrey is a ground ball pitcher that can’t get a ground ball to come off a bat(see Chien-Ming Wang early 2009). The fifth starter spot has been locked up by Jon Niese, I will not place the Shadow of Modor upon him like the many that have come before.

Jose, JOSE, Jose, JOSE, Mr. Reyes please stand up, not too fast though(Doctor’s Orders). It’s all been downhill since he didn’t run out that thought-to-be-foul-ball-that-turned-fair against the Houston Astros. Late season let-downs, hamstrings, thyroids. As YT Crooks mentioned in his earlier post, Reyes remains a question for Opening Day, but will be back sooner than later. Once he does return and settle in will he remain in his lead off spot or move to the 3rd spot in the line-up? The thyroid issue quieted talk of this for the time being, but once run production becomes an issue we’re sure to see this issue surface again.

The Mets do have one glaring bright spot that deserves mention, their farm system. Coming into the spring any talk regarding prospects was followed by lack-of, or non-existent. Names have surfaced and God willing the Mets don’t ship these guys out for a pitcher to help Johan if they get into a playoff race. Ike Davis is the first baseman with pop that lets us suffer through Daniel Murphy. Fernando Martinez showed off his bat as well this spring, expect to see him up to help out if any injuries slow Angel Pagan as per his usual. Jenrry Meija, the 20 year old pitcher that was the only prospect mentioned with any respect coming into Spring Training. He lived up to the hype and then some, congratulations on making the team. Look for the Mets to bring him along slowly, possibly being the 8th inning bridge to Francisco Rodriguez.

In other N.L. News

Jason Heyward will start the season roaming Right Field for the Braves. Oh yeah he’ll be crushing balls pitchers leave over the plate as well.

Jamie Moyer at 47 years young has beaten out Kyle Kendrick for the fifth spot in the Phillies rotation. Kendrick pitched well throughout the spring, Moyer did too and it seems it was his job to lose, which he didn’t. Kendrick will head to the bullpen where the Phillies can use all the help they can get.

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