Breaking News!: College Kids Smoke Weed

DeSean Jackson and Percy Harvin are two of the fastest and most exciting playmakers in the NFL. But what else do they have in common? Apparently a love for the ganga. But they are only two of many coming out of college with red flags for marijuana usage…though I have to say they are incredibly fast for a pair of stoners.

NFL recruiting personnel, coaches and managers are worried about the rash of positive marijuana tests that have popped up all over the incoming draft class like the flags on a minesweeper board. Ten to eleven, roughly a third, of the first round picks have testsed positive for marijuana use in the past. Not simply wanting to eliminate a third of their boards, teams are now trying to determine if this usage is experimental or habitual.

I attempted to reach Roger Goodell for a comment on whether the league would be trying instate any larger measures over the issue, or if it would just be up to individual teams to determine. His secretary said he and Tebow were still trying to hotbox one of the conference rooms and to try again later.


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