Payton Angered by Owner Trickery – AP Reports

The NFL owners just recently voted in a change to overtime rules for NFL playoff games by a margin of 28-4. The new rules state that during playoff games, that each time will get a possession unless the first possession ends in a touchdown or a safety. Why they didn’t just change it to first team to 6 points is beyond me, but whatever.

Though the vast majority of owners supported the new overtime rules, which were put forward and backed by the Commish Roger Goodell, many owners were disappointed with the change. However, the resentment seems to stem more from the way the change was implemented rather than the actual change in the rules.

“They offered us a free day out on the golf range and then snuck the vote in while we were out on the course!” Sean Payton of the New Orleans’ Saints said. “I knew I shouldn’t have fallen prey to Goodell’s trickery! That’s the last time I accept anything free from him! This treachery –” (Payton was then baited off the podium by a carrot Goodell was dangling with a fishing pole).

Despite owner disapproval, the new OT rules will go into effect this season, and may even be changed to affect the regular season.

Says the Commish: “We’ll be taking a vote on whether or not these new rules should be implemented during the regular season soon. I would also like to take this time to offer all of the coaches some free passes for themselves, their friends and family to enjoy an afternoon at the batting cages.”

2 Responses to “Payton Angered by Owner Trickery – AP Reports”
  1. They didn’t make it first to six so the team that is initially on defense can win with a field goal on their first possession. Their main goal was to disallow a victory when a team won the coin toss and immediately marched down the field just to kick a field goal. Better than it used to be? Yes. Perfect? Far From.

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