Venuing Launch Party Live!!!

To the finest readership on Planet Earth,

Tonight, Venuing (that is, our company, not our beer league softball team or little song-and-dance combo) is having our launch party to coincide with the release of our iPhone application. Or like the kids say, “our killer app.”

[[Editor’s note: you can download it for FREE right now on iTunes. So, if you need to take a moment and do that, we’ll be waiting for you here when you get back. It’s cool, take your time.]]

Since we are having our launch party in NYC at the (aptly titled) Public House, we release that not everyone will be able to attend. But fret not! You can feel as though your their in spirit. How? By viewing our live stream below or at during the event from 6:30-10pm. Here, you can check out what people are messaging on our Venuing Live interactive page and even watch exclusive, real-time footage of our celebs, VIP’s, and of course, your favorite Venuing Voices’ contributors.

So we’ll be seeing you, or rather you’ll be seeing us.

And yes, Mom, you too.

All the best,

-The Venuist.

Free TV : Ustream

One Response to “Venuing Launch Party Live!!!”
  1. Queens Street Hooligan says:

    Seen a lot of people, shook a lot of hands. Good times, Fenway Park here we come !

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