Venuing, LLC Launches Mobile Sports & Entertainment Social Network

Venuing is an interactive social community combining traditional and emerging media technology. It features a mobile application for the iPhone™, available free at the Apple iTunes store beginning March 22, 2010. During the initial launch fans can access the app at Fenway Park, Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park and Yankee Stadium to celebrate the start of the Major League Baseball season.

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Venuing is turning the focus back on the fan. You’re not just in the audience, you are part of the game

New York (PRWEB) March 22, 2010 — Venuing, LLC, today announced the launch of the “Venuing” interactive social community through its mobile application available now to download for free at the Apple iTunes store. Venuing combines traditional and emerging media technology, revolutionizing the way people experience live sporting events and concerts. With a 3D graphic user-interface, Venuing builds a personalized mobile experience at live events with:

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* Location-based Technology: The mobile application, the first of its kind, is activated when fans enter a venue. The GPS technology finds the arena/event they’re at, allowing users to pinpoint their location down to the exact seat they are Venuing from. Through the application, fans can also locate nearby facilities such as food/drink vendors at the venues.
* Social Interaction: Fans can chat with each other within the venue. Fans at home can also get in on the action by viewing chats of live events in real-time on the Venuing website or via the Twitter and Facebook fan pages. Whether it’s chatting about the event, trading tickets or arranging to meet afterwards, users can get the inside scoop of what’s happening at the game.
* Customization: Users can register on the Venuing website to create personalized profiles & avatars. Marketers can push contextually relevant content throughout the game, such as offering special deals, polls and trivia questions. Brands can further engage fans by continuing that relationship beyond the game. Guest moderators/celebrities can also push content to their fans before, during, or after an event.

The first Venuing event will take place April 4th, during the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Initially, fans can access the Venuing app at four baseball stadiums:

* Boston: Fenway Park
* New York City: Citi Field
* Philadelphia: Citizens Bank Park
* New York City: Yankee Stadium

“Venuing is turning the focus back on the fan. You’re not just in the audience, you are part of the game” said Ira Eckstein, Venuing, LLC founder and CEO. “This app is about the fans. When viewers watch at home they get a catered experience. Fans at the games deserve a unique entertaining experience as well. They are the ones living and breathing the game, enjoying the action in real-time. Venuing is social community that will intensify that experience.”

Venuing will evolve its mobile app and website over time, adding features and expanding into additional markets including other sports and music venues as well as other mobile devices. The app was designed by Communications Plus Digital, a division of Bodden Partners advertising, and developed by Net Scale Technologies, Inc.

About Venuing:
Venuing is a location-based community built for sports and concert enthusiasts. Its mission is to provide a 21st -Century, one-of-a-kind, interactive experience for fans. The app is the mobile web’s first real time, location-based fan-to-fan/user-to-user service of its kind. Venuing features proprietary technology, has applied for specific patents, and is privately funded. Venuing Demo

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