SI Using Jinx Power to Influence NCAA Tournament

SI all but admitted today in the “Hot Picks” section of its website that they are using their widespread powers of the occult to influence the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Most everyone has heard of the dreaded SI Cover Curse; a hex ranking almost as high as the Unforgivable Curses which the head warlocks of the SI staff cast upon athletes they think have become to powerful. But now these same warlocks have harnessed the power of jinxes to directly influence games.

Yesterday in their Hot Picks section of the site, the staff posted a picture of Chrishell Stause, an alum of Murray State, and channeling her image through the site, managed to drive the Racers to victory over heavily favored Vanderbilt.

Today they’ve posted a picture of Svetlana Shusterman, only now they are looking for a reverse curse, hoping to use the Temple alum’s essence to thwart her own school and bring victory to underdog Cornell. We shall shortly see if their gambit pays off.

Clearly SI has a lot riding on the outcome of this tournament. I don’t know what else would drive them to such drastic measures or uses of such powerful magicks.

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