'Nova Avoids Shame: Quasi-March Madness Avoided

Sorry Robert Morris, but Cinderella’s slipper does not extend to size fifteen. A fifteen seed has only advanced four times and each of those teams immediately lost in the second round. Robert Morris could not become the fifth fifteen seed to extend their time at the dance; instead their carriage ride home came early and Scottie Reynolds was the chauffeur. They will only be slightly scolded for missing their curfew as they stay out late for overtime.

Would the loss have been more embarrassing to Villanova — a team that finished ranked ninth in both the AP and Coaches poll — or would it be more glorious for Robert Morris — a team I just learned was part of the Northeast Conference?

Obviously the answer is the former. The triumphant fifteens of the past did get their fifteen minutes, but people remember those games for the Goliaths that fell, not the Davids that slew. [[Editor’s note: does this make sports the opposite of the Bible?]]. The 1991 Syracuse team had Billy Owens who would become the third overall pick later that year. The 1993 Arizona squad had four future NBA players in Reggie Geary, Khalid Reeves, Chris Mills, and most notably Damon Stoudamire. South Carolina’s 1997 group was led by a big three consisting of Larry Davis, Melvin Watson, and BJ McKie. And Iowa State’s 2001 team that lost to Hampton touted Jamaal Tinsley and Marcus Fizer. Scottie Reynolds and Corey Stokes can now stop holding their breaths as they will be saved the notoriety that comes from being a defeated two.

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