Landon Donovan: Who He Is and Why You Should Give a Damn

This year Landon Donovan was named the 50th greatest player in the world of soccer (ever) in the year 2010. [[Editors note: that’s pronounced “twenty-ten”, capice?]] After dominating America’s MLS (or the Bush Leagues), Donovan failed to make any real impact during his brief visits to the topflight German leagues. But in his latest stint abroad, playing on loan for Everton (see also: Liverpool, UK), Donovan has gone on a tear, earning the respect and recognition of others worldwide.

So why does this matter? Well, now that the US has a top soccer player who is being recognized for something positive, maybe things will start turning around for the sport in America. I mean, we’ve come to dominate everything else (as the Olympics just showed) why not soccer (or whatever it is they call it overseas)? Perhaps Donovan’s success will lead to a new generation of American soccer players, and maybe Americans will start caring about teams like the LA Galaxy (I mean, do you even know what that is?)

But at the very least, this does bode well for the upcoming World Cup. Not only because having a top rated player will do wonders for morale, but also because Donovan will have plenty of chances to sabotage the English players (who we play against in the opening game) with nano-time-bombs that should blow out their kneecaps. MWAHAHAHA!

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