Tebow Training, Tebow Tats?

It’s being reported that our favorite eye black theologian and scrivener/UF quarterback Tim Tebow will be working out with the Buffalo Bills in the next few weeks. Tebow’s rumored to have made similar workout arrangements with the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Former Bills QB Jim Kelly appears to be in Tebow’s corner, having dropped his name in an interview with USA Today last November.

As much as I’m anti-Bills, this would probably be a good move for them. They encouraged their coaches to seek employment elsewhere in January, and named a new head coach. New blood is a good thing. Plus—if they sign Tebow—the wave of cognitive dissonance of possibly rooting for Tebow as a Bills QB that would hit Florida would be staggering. I mean, probably.

In other related Tebowery, Tebow launched The Tim Tebow Foundation this past Saturday at The Avenues Mall in Jacksonville with an autograph event. (Specifically, they took place at a store called Palm Beach Autographs, whose only purpose is to conduct signing events and charge you for them.) Photos with our favorite pigskin chucker reportedly cost $75, and an autograph could cost you $160.

One patron even brought a bible for Tebow to sign, something akin to having Roger Moore sign a picture of Sean Connery as James Bond. Come to think of it, how much do you think it would’ve cost to have Tebow sign a body part? Would this be pro-rated based on which body part, or would there be a flat body part signing fee? I wonder if there were any overzealous fans in line requesting a signature on their body in tattoo ink and immediately ran to a tattoo parlor in somewhere in Jax to get needled for posterity.

(In the event that this did occur—and I’m not saying it did—send pics to hammerinhankbaron@gmail.com and I’ll post ’em. I don’t know what that says about you. Or me.)


A portion of the proceeds went to The Tim Tebow Foundation. “I’m just so excited that I have the opportunity to do this,” he said to the Florida Times Union, “and just make a difference in kids’ lives.”

3 Responses to “Tebow Training, Tebow Tats?”
  1. Queens Street Hooligan says:

    When they say a “portion” what are we talking ? Are kids lives affected by Tim Tebow giving 10% of his signing fees, that’s after his agent and the store get their cut. It’s good to know God put people like Tim Tebow on this earth to be our Savior.

  2. Hank Baron says:

    > When they say a “portion” what are we talking ?

    I’ve been looking around and haven’t seen any hard numbers anywhere. I’d be curious to find out that info. They do a lot of work with orphanages, but they’re pretty vague about what they actually do.

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